The 5 Star Review that made us blush
06 January 2014

Picture: [Russ Hudson], MarijuanaGames.org
Russ Hudson in the dealer booth

We were pleasantly surprised when we read a flattering review about The Bulldog™ Leidseplein. It shows how assumptions can lead to missing out on all the fun stuff! Russ Hudson (founder and editor of MarijuanaGames.org) visited one of our shops and wrote a review about his Bulldog Experience... 

When Russ Hudson and his ex-girlfriend travelled to Amsterdam in 2001, they agreed to avoid all the tourist teasers. Because The Bulldog™ is well-known and always quite busy, they mistook it for a tourist spot. The following years he would come back to Amsterdam a couple more times, sadly without changing his opinion. Little did he know that he was missing out on all the fun stuff.

Thirteen years after his first visit he returns to Amsterdam, to write reviews about some of the coffeeshops the city has to offer. This time the popularity of The Bulldog tickles his professional interest. So, he went to the Livingroom of Amsterdam, armed with just one question..

Why are people so crazy about Bulldog?

I found out when I went to Bulldog in Leidesplein. It wasn’t anything I expected and by the time I was done checking the place out, I knew it would become one of Amsterdam’s coffeeshops that I frequent regularly. If you’re in AMS and you’re checking out the coffeeshop scene, your trip won’t be complete without a visit to Bulldog in Leidesplein.

… There’s a lot to do just between the coffeeshop version of Bulldog and the bar/pub version. You could start by getting some good weed at the dispensary and getting high in the jail cells, then crank things up by partying at the Bulldog bar. In fact, you could probably make an entire night out of Bulldog in Leidesplein.

The staff is the best part of Bulldog in Leidesplein … I struck up a conversation with the man behind the dispensary booth. I forget his name now, but he has been working there since Bulldog opened 38 years ago. When I mentioned that some – like myself – had viewed Bulldog as strictly tourist-oriented, he scoffed and said that that’s just not true. In fact, he told me that 40% of more of their business is local Dutch people, which is one reason why they carry so many staple Dutch marijuana strains.

…for 13 years I avoided Bulldog because I thought it was nothing more than a frat-boy tourist trap. I am happy to say that I was absolutely, 100% wrong. Bulldog is awesome!

Would I take a first date there? I probably would because it’s unique, quirky, historical – all great points of entertainment. I’d take a business associate there as well for the same reasons.

Ultimately, I have to give Bulldog in Leidesplein 5 Stars. Really, what more could you want?

(Hudson, 2013)

These are just a view phrases/sections from the review Russ Hudson wrote. You can read the entire review on MarijuanaGames.org. When you are done reading, you can play a fun weed game.. ;)

Hudson, R. (December 31, 2013). Marijuana Games. In Amsterdam Coffeeshop Review: Bulldog in Leidseplein. Retrieved January 3, 2014, from http://marijuanagames.org/amsterdam-coffeeshop-review-bulldog-in-leidsplein/.