Amateurs, Olympics and Champions

Sport has always been a big part of The Bulldog lifestyle, either by participation or sponsoring. While the first 20 years were mainly domestic events, clubs or people. During the last 20 years an international network was established and through partnership, some creative and innovative events came about.

In 2002, on the Caribbean Island of St. Maarten the annual Heineken Regatta was hosted. To promote the newly launched energy drink, The Bulldog entered the regatta with a sail boot. Happy to say it finished first in all three races and became third overall at the Regatta.

There were a number of car racing sponsorships, various classes and vehicles. Zandvoort, Assen, Silverstone, 24hr. of Le Mans and Zolder were some race circuits visited. A special relationship was developed with Dutch female racer Carlijn Bergsma, who has been racing for 15 years. Carlijn has that fighting spirit to succeed in a sport dominated by men.

High flyers and dare devils passed through the doorsteps of The Bulldog, athletes in top form getting ready for competition. One of these characters was paraglider Leroy Westerveld, who was sponsored in 2006 during his altitude paraglide world record in Pakistan. He reached 7685 meter. In 2009 he accompanied Nicolien Sauerbreij and Kees-Jan van der Klooster to The Bulldog Hotel in Canada to work on a promotional clip for the hotel.

The Amsterdam Tijgers were once known as the Amsterdam Bulldogs hockey club, sponsored by our energy drink during their brilliant championship years in the years 2003, 2004 and 2005.

The DMA Millennium Series was held in Amsterdam for three consecutive years. The European paintball Championship the event drew a large field of professional players. The Bulldog was honored to be involved with such a yearly event during that time.

In 2006, a Kick-Boxing Gala called Slamm6 was held, Netherlands vs Thailand. Top ranked pro-fighters such as Anuwat Kaewsamrit and Mootje Khamal battled in the ring that was completely sponsored by The Bulldog. A paid per view fighting event that drew a lot of spectators from around Europe.

It is not only professionals that get their attention, but also the staff. The Bulldog is active with sports in such events as the Strongman Challenge and in- and outdoor soccer tournaments, team spirit always high. Also the runners covered lot of ground.

It weren’t only the professionals that got all the attention, but also The Bulldog staff. They are active in sports for charitable causes or as team building at events such as the Strongman Challenge and the Dam to Dam Run. The Bulldog soccer teams still play regularly in tournaments and have claimed a shiny cup here and there. .