The Bulldog Boat Winter Tour

The Bulldog Boat


Amsterdam, December 18, 2018 – We are happy to announce that The Bulldog Boat is now offering The Bulldog Winter Tour.

The Bulldog Winter Tour takes you through the most beautiful canals of Amsterdam with the spectacular Light Festival in the background. The Winter Tour is a 75 minute tour on a heated boat with a local guide who will tell you all about the history of Amsterdam and the fun facts about the highlights you meet along the way. The Bulldog Boat is available for single ticket sales for a fixed departure from The Bulldog Hotel. Also it is possible to book group charters. For more information about The Bulldog Boat, please address your inquiries to the reception of The Bulldog Hotel. Check the flyer and/or ask at any of our locations for more info or mail

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The Bulldog Aruba

Today we are happy to announce that very soon we will have a new location in Aruba, formerly known as “Wet Bar & Lounge” This is the newest edition to the rapidly expanding Bulldog-family, spreading the world famous ‘livingroom of Amsterdam’ atmosphere across the globe.

Just like in Amsterdam, the Aruba Bar and Cafe will allow guests to experience the atmosphere that is so typical of The Bulldog: inviting, comfortable and relaxing this time in a indoor and outdoor setting, the location will feature a full outdoor terrace and pool area adorned with lighting scenic views. This pool bar feeling is something we hope the people of Aruba will enjoy and tourists also from all over the world

Next to all the typical Amsterdam-elements our new location highlights a new design style to fit the Caribbean surroundings Alongside the standard drinks list the bar will serve fresh smoothies and cocktails with some light finger food and snacks typical of The Bulldog Mack.

We will be working hard to open this lovely venue in the Sunny Caribbean in 2019!


Press Release Benchmark Botanics

Benchmark Botanics Announces License of “The Bulldog” Trademark

Vancouver, British Columbia September 24, 2018 Benchmark Botanics, Inc.

Benchmark is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into a Trademarks License Agreement with Leidseplein Beheer B.V., a company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, in which the Licensor has agreed to grant the Company use of “The Bulldog” trademark in Canada upon the terms and conditions set out in the Agreement.

Johnson Zhang, Chief Executive Officer of Benchmark, said: “This Agreement represents an important step in the Benchmark journey that both companies will realize benefits from, once the adult-use market in Canada is officially opened in 22 days, on October 17, 2018. With the use of The Bulldog trademarks, we will seek to build one of the most engaging and successful brands and develop leading products in Canada for the adult-use market.

With the addition of The Bulldog trademark, which has a long-established history as one of the most well-known coffee shop brands in Amsterdam and beyond, this agreement will assist the Company to position itself in the Canadian adult-use cannabis market. The Company is continuing to make prudent investments and efforts into marketing and branding of our products for the Canadian adult-use cannabis market.”

Johnson further commented that “the licensing of The Bulldog trademarks is only the beginning of long-term cooperation with the Licensor. Benchmark will explore other cooperation opportunities with the Licensor in the areas of strains development, branding, and marketing”.


For Further Information

Investor Relations
Benchmark Botanics, Inc.


Tel: 604-238-0005


Press Release

The Bulldog X NCMA Collab

The Bulldog X NCMA Collab


We are very happy to announce a unique one season collaboration with the brand NEWAMS for their pre-fall 2018 NCMA collection. 

This international Luxury brand has taken inspiration from Dutch culture which will be visible in various artworks.

The collaboration contains a tracksuit, hoodie and, T-shirt. The artwork presents a picture of Henk de Vries (founder the Bulldog, Amsterdam) sitting in front of the first coffeeshop in the world, “The Bulldog nr. 90”. The picture is mixed with Mondrian art inspiration to create a unique artwork. The Hoodie and T-shirt also contain a patch stitched to the main fabric with a printed text about how Henk de Vries started this internationally known company. All tagging on this collaboration contain a packet of The Bulldog rolling papers.

Various artists are already spotted wearing this new Collab collection and since last week the collection dropped at international retailers, to name a few; Harvey Nichols (Hong Kong), Margo (Russia), B-space (Malaysia), Bonvicini (Italy), Pulp (Japan), Pop up Concepts (Lebanon) and a selected mix of retailers in the Netherlands, including Concrete Amsterdam.

Message for the editors:

For more information about The Bulldog, contact:
Danielle Albek
Telephone: 0031 20 624 82 48

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The Bulldog Ibiza


We are very happy to announce that as of the 1st of June Cloud Ibiza became part of The Bulldog Family.

This collaboration agreement will open the presence of The Bulldog in Spain for the first time as a social club. The Bulldog Ibiza is an important step in the further international roll-out of The Bulldog.

The Bulldog Ibiza is a non-profit private association. Exclusive for members. No visits are allowed at the association without a previous appoinment.

The Bulldog Rome

The Bulldog Goes Italian

The Bulldog acquires an interest in Amsterdam Dogs S.r.L.

Amsterdam, April 16, 2018 – In January 2018, The Bulldog has acquired a 35% interest in Amsterdam Dogs S.r.L.. Amsterdam Dogs has been a partner of The Bulldog for 15 years, as its exclusive distributor in Italy of The Bulldog smoker products and merchandise. The Bulldog products are currently available at 15,000 points of sale.

With the investment from Amsterdam, Amsterdam Dogs aims to grow to 25,000 points of sale throughout Italy in the coming years.

Opening first The Bulldog branch in Rome!

The long collaboration between The Bulldog and Amsterdam Dogs has resulted in the opening of the first branch of The Bulldog in Rome (June/July 2018) on one of the most beautiful squares in Rome, Piazza Cavour. The Grand Café has a floor area of 300 m2 spread over 2 floors and a fantastic terrace.

Just like in Amsterdam, the Rome café allows guests to experience the atmosphere that is so typical of The Bulldog: inviting, comfortable and relaxing. It is a relaxed place to go out and meet new people. It will truly be the Living Room of Rome.

It was a logical step to decide to open a branch in Rome. For over 40 years, Italians have been loyal customers of The Bulldog Amsterdam, and there were regular requests for a The Bulldog in Rome. Now, at last, we can fulfil this wish.

The Bulldog Rome is an important step in the further international roll-out of The Bulldog.

The Bulldog signs licence agreement with fashion company Dream Project S.p.a to develop an exclusive clothing line

In January 2018, The Bulldog signed a licence agreement with fashion house Dream Project S.p.a. In collaboration with The Bulldog, they have developed an exclusive clothing line for The Bulldog. From spring 2018, the first collection will be available in various shops in Italy. The presale of the collection has already started and sales are already above expectations. The intention is to make the clothing line available in other countries in the near future.

‘We are extremely proud of these developments’, says Henk de Vries, owner and founder of The Bulldog. ‘We have a long history with Italy and a special relationship with the Italians. They were our first international customers and are still one of our most loyal customers who visit our branches in Amsterdam in huge numbers. I cannot be prouder of the fact that we are now opening a café in Rome’. ‘I’ve always said that we’re still just a puppy, this is just the beginning. In recent years, The Bulldog has grown into a brand with fans all over the world. Our smoker products are now sold in more than 30 countries.’

Message for the editors:

For more information about The Bulldog, contact:
Danielle Albek
Telephone: 0031 20 624 82 48


Acquisition in response of this press release is not appreciated.

Press Release

Joris The Founder

Since 17 december 1975

Hooray! The Bulldog turned 40 in 2015!

That meant one year full with parties and crazy promotions. You can probably imagine, a lot happened in the past 40 years. Let’s have a trip down memory lane.

"I want to create a living room atmosphere. A good vibe, relaxed. A place where people can smoke, talk and feel good. It simply doesn't get any better than that."

Henk de Vries

Where it all started.

The story of The Bulldog starts in 1974, in the middle of the red light district. When Henk de Vries just turned 24 years old, he inherited his father’s sex shop. He tried his best to serve the people who came in for the most freaky requests, but pretty soon he was sick and tired of these weird desires. Until one day, he had enough of it and threw the inventory of the sex shop into the canal.

Joris The Bull

Joris, Henk’s  English Bull … the beginning of the Bulldog Empire!

A dog named Joris.

Armed with a top-notch location, progressive ideas and exceptional intuition, he created a place where everyone is welcome. A place where people can enjoy the privilege of being themselves: The Bulldog coffeeshop. Inspired by his dog at that time, a bulldog named Joris. Even the company logo was inspired by Joris; a drawing of Joris’ head.

The living room concept.

When Henk opened The Bulldog coffeeshop (The First, also known as Nr90) it was just a basement with a couple of tables. By looks it was just a living room: people sat at the tables, talking, drinking, playing board and card games. At first, it was mostly visited by residents of the red light district.

The Bulldog is actually the first coffeeshop there was. That means, the term ‘coffeeshop’ as we know it today for Amsterdam, was invented by Henk.

The term ‘coffeeshop’

The Bulldog is actually the first coffeeshop there was. That means, the term ‘coffeeshop’ as we know it today for Amsterdam, was invented by Henk. But why did he use the term coffeeshop, while ‘coffee’ is not what most visitors come for? Henk de Vries answers this question for us:

“I wanted to make the connection with a coffeehouse, in my opinion that was like a living room for neighbourhood residents. Somethings which were done in other places weren’t allowed, like selling beer under the counter and hiding a slot machine behind the curtain I wanted to capture the coffeehouse feeling, keep the atmosphere of a living room. At the same time I wanted to have an international character to the place, that’s how the term ‘coffeeshop’ was born.”

The Bulldog Head Office

The Bulldog today.

Right now, forty years later, The Bulldog expanded tremendously. The formula of The Bulldog proved to be a success. Many followed the example and by now the term ‘coffeeshop’ is recognized in many countries. Through the years The Bulldog has become a versatile company and the brand has gained more depth.

Besides the coffeeshops there are also two cafes, three souvenir shops and a hotel in Amsterdam, a hotel and vacation homes in Canada, a very luxurious resort in Bali and there are four product lines: merchandising, Iced Coffee, smoker products and seeds.