Henk de Vries participating Streetgasm in honor of his wife

Amsterdam, june 4, 2019 – Always a dream, together Henk en Willy participating in the Bentley car rally. These plans were cut short due the unfortunate illness and passing of Willy. During the hospitalisation period of his dear wife, Henk made the promise to participate in the rally no matter what, to up hold the dream. Now, to follow up on this promise, Henk is participating in the StreetGasm in memory of Willy and to realise their dream in spirit.

The Bulldog Energy Drink is sponsor of the epic StreetGasm 2000 held from June 8 to June 15, which is Europe’s most epic road going adventure. Since 2012 has the show been on the road with all makes of supercars, travelling the smoothest roads and visiting the hottest spots along the way and this year is no different. The Bulldog Team with drivers Henk de Vries and Ron Joinking are guaranteed an exciting and memorable time.

StreetGasm is a growing event with a field of 100 cars that include International Dj’s, Youtubers, Athletes and TV personalities joining the ride from Rotterdam (NED) to Cannes (FRA) in 8 days.

You can follow the event by instagram.com/streetgasm/ and instagram.com/explore/tags/sg2k/