Social Club Ibiza

The Bulldog opened its first social club in Ibiza, just before Barcelona. The Bulldog social club is quaint little shop with an outstanding variety of strains. The social club is located away from the party scene, nestled in a beautiful residential area not far from the Ibiza attraction and Castell d’Eivissa. Flower and waxes are both available in the dispensary along oils and edibles. The Bulldog Ibiza merchandise and smoker paraphernalia is of course also available. Sofa loungers and chairs are tastefully placed to create a sense of space and privacy. The bar offers all the usuals such as elaborate milkshakes and decked out coffees.

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The Bulldog Ibiza is a member only social club and can only be visited by appointment. For information on the club, appointments or membership inquiries please send an email to

Where to find us?

Social Club Ibiza
Jacinto Aquenza 28
07800 Ibiza

+34 87 15 18 629

Opening hours 
Monday – Sunday
12:00 – 22:00

Jacinto Aquenza 28 07800 Ibiza SPAIN