In the winter of 2013 The Bulldog Hotel Silver Star had to evacuate all of its hotel guests just a few days before Christmas. A defect in the sprinkler system caused the system to be activated. This set off an alarm at the fire department, who showed up, but could not do anything as water was ‘raining’ into the electrical room. It prevented them to enter due to the possibility of electrocution. The utilities company was called to turn off all the power in the hotel, but they were very slow to respond and two floors flooded. By morning the floors had turned into an ice palace because of the cold night and the fact that there wasn’t any heat in the hotel. From that night on the hotel stayed closed, guests were moved and reservations canceled. The red tape with the insurance companies took a very long time to settle. It led to a renovation that took one year to complete. A year of complete shut down, no income and worst of all was laying off staff. The hotel reopened again in the winter of 2014.