Putting the bite 'back' into your bark ...

The world-famous brand The Bulldog of Amsterdam has come a long way since opening the worlds first coffee-shop in 1975. The Bulldog family has since then grown into a worldwide brand that carries a wide assortment of products that touch the hearts of locals, tourists and celebrities alike.

The latest product to get hearts racing is almost as controversial as The Bulldog Amsterdam was in the mid-’70s.

Since its inception in the late ’90s, It has been a bumpy road for The Bulldog Energy Drink. In 2003, we came to a crossroad when we were forced to halt production due to a protracted legal battle with a well-known energy drink brand. After a few false starts, The Bulldog Energy Drink is BACK in the race and ready to guide you to the finish line.

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How to contact us?

The Bulldog Head Office
Leidseplein Beheer BV

Kabelweg 86
1014 BC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Postbus 20669
1001 NR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)20 684 20 90