The salvation army or ‘Leger des Heils’ as it is known here in The Netherlands has always been very closely associated with The Bulldog since the very beginning of our company. This relationship began when our founder Mr Henk de Vries was a young boy  growing up in The Red Light District of Amsterdam or De Wallen as it is known locally. When Henk was 6 years of age he was fortunate enough to encounter Major Bosshardt , she was the neighbour of Henk  and a major influence in The Salvation Army and in particular The Red Light District. Major Bosshardt taught Henk allot growing up about compassion, respect and much more that helped to shape Henk into the man he is today and their relationship continued throughout their whole lives.

Once The Bulldog had begun operating as a business Henk immediately began making regular donations to The Salavation Army, initially donating socks and underwear and other essentials which still continues to this very day. As The Bulldog developed more this relationship grew with it and so did the generosity.  Today The Bulldog participates in a range of activities throughout the year which involve a hands on approach from the staff throughout The Bulldog.

With food being of such importance to those less fortunate The Bulldog has always played a active role in feeding the local community. Once every month some of our staff members shop for groceries and cook meals for The Salvation Army guests at their shelter in The Red Light District, this work is increased over the months around Christmas to ensure warm healthy food is brought to those who need it. We also participate in a mobile soup bus distributing food to the homeless all around Amsterdam that continues this great work outside The Red Light District. These home cooked meals & soups are well received and give our staff a great insight into the community in which they work in and the difficulties some people have to deal with when it comes to such important things as food and nutrition and hence giving us all a greater appreciation for what we have.

On top of food activities The Bulldog also host a variety of different events to help out the people who come to visit The Salvation Army. Two times a year our staff will go to the headquarters of the salvation army just outside the city centre. There we host Spa Days at the facility and provide a number of services including hairdressing, manicures , pedicures and much more. All care is carried out by The Bulldog staff and at the end of the day a bag of cosmetics and care products is handed out to everyone for their own personal use. These small gestures can mean allot to someone who is down on their luck and its these sort of principles that Henk learned from Major Bosshardt.

As Christmas is in particular a very difficult time for those less fortunate, the Salvation Army holds a number of events that we like to help out with and some that we host ourselves. We provide traditional Christmas dinner and of course lots of toys for those children to try and make it as special a experience as possible. Its during times like this that the Salvation Army needs help and assistance the most and thus we make sure to do as much as possible during this period of the year, which also includes a personal donation from Mr de Vries.

It’s amazing to think that what once started with a young boy and his neighbour has now grown into a loving and caring relationship between both the two organisations they worked their whole lives to build, even after Major Bosshardt sadly passed away in 2007. This work will continue to grow and we will continue to work closely on many more future projects in co-ordination with The Salvation Army to ensure the people who need help the most can receive it.

Should you wish to donate to the salvation army or leger des heils please contact your local branch via