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The Bulldog Iced Coffee was launched in 2013. The initiative of getting a Iced Coffee actually came from a staff member that thought it would be nice to have an Iced Coffee available in the shops. His idea was discussed and instead of just selling ‘an iced coffee’ the company decided to produce their own in order to follow up in the beverage segment of products after the unfortunate ending of the energy drink adventure. The Bulldog consulted their coffee bean supplier to see if they would work together in developing a beverage.

The rest his history, the beverage became actual and planning of expanding the coffee related products is already in progress. At first the iced coffee was for a short time strictly sold in the locations of The Bulldog, but later on the drink was also available in several souvenir shops in Amsterdam. In 2015 the international distribution became available and since then the drink has been exported to England, Cyprus, Italy, Czech Republic, and Chile while other inquiries are being handled.

The Bulldog™ Iced Coffee is created to make you feel relaxed. It starts with a taste explosion of the best coffee beans from Carmen®. Just a touch of low-fat cacao was added to spice things up. The fresh whole milk brings you a smooth finish. Let its charming character sooth you..

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