The Bulldog™ Smoker Products

Right after the creation of the very first coffeeshop in the world, The Bulldog™ Amsterdam got its own label for smoker products. It was the late 70’s and after a few successful years of selling weed and hash, it was time to expand the brand.

What better way to strengthen The Bulldog™ experience than having a private label for smoker products? Exactly! Not long after shocking the world with something that has now become quite normal, the growth was ensured by producing smoker products.

It all started with just The Bulldog™ King Size Rolling Paper and The Bulldog™ King Filter (back in the day also known as “joint-tips”). These widely known products are still being sold! Through the years, more and more products have been added. By now, there is a size for everyone. The product line has grown tremendously into a successful brand for smoker products, smoker accessories and other cool stuff!

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